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Digital model and computer simulation in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation

Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Digital model, computer simulation and optimisation of production proces   Using a computer simulation, we verified the design parameters of the proposed layout of part of the production process for an important customer in the automobile industry. We created the digital model in the Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software, we defined … Continue reading “Digital model and computer simulation in Tecnomatix Plant Simulation”

A modular Siemens Safety PLC Simatic S7-1200F and S7-1500F

Comprehensive Delivery of Automation Design – Application software – Deliveries – Commissioning A modular safety control system Siemens Simatic S7-1200F finds usage in simple process concepts, such as, for the Process Filter in the pharmacy, whereas the system Simatic S7-1500F thanks to its distributed concept enables designing of an extensive control system where the concept of … Continue reading “A modular Siemens Safety PLC Simatic S7-1200F and S7-1500F”

SISTEMA, Safety Evaluation Tool, EN ISO 13849-1

Safety Automation Designing   Both of the  software tools, SISTEMA as well as Safety Evaluation Tool, help to TAURID project engineers with a definition of the Performance Level (PL) as described in the standard 13849-1. The tools enable modelling of a structure for designed safety sections of control systems SRP/CS, work with well-known terms, such as Required Performance Level … Continue reading “SISTEMA, Safety Evaluation Tool, EN ISO 13849-1”

Water Quench, comparision of two implemented alternatives

Design – Application software – Deliveries – Commissioning Alternative 1 – Rokwell Automation, Power Flex 753/755 (IP20) Alternative 2 – Siemens, Sinamics G120P (IP54) Water and air cooling systems for formed Al profiles were designed and put into operation for two different end customers. A different hardware basis of control system (Siemens, Rockwell Automation) was designed in … Continue reading “Water Quench, comparision of two implemented alternatives”

Mezzanine Automatic Crane and Stock Control

Comprehensive Delivery of Automation for Skip Handling System Design – Application software – Deliveries – Production – Installation – Commissioning   The transport system enables a short term storage of up to 150 skips on the mezzanine as a buffer among the foregoing annealing process and the subsequent packaging operation. A FIFO algorithm is designed for the mezzanine buffer. … Continue reading “Mezzanine Automatic Crane and Stock Control”