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Water Quench, comparision of two implemented alternatives

Design – Application software – Deliveries – Commissioning

Alternative 1 – Rokwell Automation, Power Flex 753/755 (IP20)

Alternative 2 – Siemens, Sinamics G120P (IP54)

Water and air cooling systems for formed Al profiles were designed and put into operation for two different end customers. A different hardware basis of control system (Siemens, Rockwell Automation) was designed in accordance with the end customer preferences as well as available space limitations. The installation of Siemens Sinamics G120P frequency converters combined with IP54 protection outside the electric cabinet together with closeness to fans and pumps, see more illustrative photos. It’s considered more suitable and profitable alternative. A significant reduction of the number of electrical cabinets has come up successfully. The less cabinets the less expensive solution it is. The air-conditioned space inside the cabinet is quite expensive.