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Computer simulation

DLAŽDICE POČÍTAČOVÁ SIMULACE ContiThe portfolio of services includes the processing of a digital model and the subsequent computer simulation of a discrete production system behavior. We specialize in branched conveyor systems with buffers, the production of semi-finished products with the use of intermediate storages, an assembly lines and a workplaces in the automotive industry and last, but not least, the bath pickling lines. We use the simulation tool Siemens Tecnomatix Plant Simulation.

The computer simulation significantly facilitates the designing of the production system because the designed and required parameters for both the new and the current event-based production systems can be verified with a high level of probability. The model is useful for introducing a new product into production and increasing productivity associated with.

Bottlenecks or collision spots and conditions are identified, the chosen speeds, the production capacity per a time unit, the sufficient number of specified resources and the capacity of buffering bins are verified and some measures are taken – changes in the layout, a number of resources, the transport flows or decision criteria are modified; all these without the deployment of the actual resources (machinery, people).

Just in the model or in the external MS Excel spreadsheet, you can specify the production batch or the batch mix, the formula or work shifts, the number of functional resources (machinery, operators) and/or production flows. The results include reports and charts as well as answers to questions.

If the interest shown, you may arrange individual consultation with our experts. We would be pleased to organise workshops both in Ostrava and Brno. We can demonstrate the sample models, reports and related documents. Find out more here >>.